Unique. Bold. Avant-Garde.

    Welcome to Bohoz, your door to an exceptional fashion experience.
    We gladly provide top-notch and timeless bohemian garments for all women.

    Our Story

    Founded in 2022, our story began with establishing a new market offering with distinctive headwear that not only saves time, but also creates a truly bold fashion statement.

    Today, we have expanded with a new clothing line that allows Bohoz to be TREND SETTERS in today’s fashion scene with unique pieces of clothing, headwear, and accessories to empower today’s women to break free and shine on. Committed to you, Bohoz is dedicated to providing exceptional products with the most excellent quality and finest fabrics to meet your everyday needs.

    Each design is inspired by our co-founder Mai Ibrahim’s unique sense of style, making her teenage dream come true after spending years helping out lots of girls explore new trends and techniques for headwear, makeup, and outfits.

    We are Bohoz and we are here to change the future of fashion.


    Mai Ibrahim

    In addition to being a distinguished social media sensation and content creator, Mai has worked as a presenter in the radio and TV industry for a total of 5 years.

    Bohoz is not her first project, she has set foot in the business world with her own makeup line, in addition to her ultimately known perfume brand “Nefertem”.

    Besides her peerless success in business, Mai is known for her light spirit and fun character. Her experience in life has led her to two main revelations: she hates all that is “ordinary” and loves the word “out of stock”!

    Menna Amer

    Due to her career as a Business Development Director for over 10 years in her family textile business, Menna has a strong background in clothes and fabrics manufacturing.

    Just give her a piece of fabric and she’ll tell you all about it from the first glance!

    Besides her textile experience, she has been a prominent radio presenter and instructor for 12 years with a passion for entrepreneurship, business content, SMEs, bold opportunities, and fresh ideas.